Disposable ALCOLIFE Breathalyser

Disposable ALCOLIFE breathalyser

ALCOLIFE ® disposable breathalyser which is used for controlling breath alcohol content.

The heart of the alcohol tester is a glass tube with white ecological substance made on the basis of iodine. The approximate breath alcohol content is determined by the degree of the change of the colour of the substance in the alcohol tester from white to red.

Remember, to achieve reliable results always do the test at least 20 minutes after alcohol consumption.

The change of the colour of the substance from white to red causes that measurement is extremely readable, thanks to this a tested person just after 2 minutes will read out the result. Whereas the red-ox technology causes that the product is characterized with a great sensitivity and precision and measurements are done with accuracy up to 0,1‰


Technology: White Redox Reactions
Measurement way: Change of the colour
Measurement colour: White into red
Readout time: 2 min.
Accuracy: 0,1 per mille
Measurement way: breath air
Usage temperature: 0-40 o C
Measurement range: 0,2 (per mille)
Device dimensions: 60mm x 11mm

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