ALCOLIFE F5 Pro Breathalyser

ALCOLIFE F5 pro breathalyser

ALCOLIFE F5 pro is the most advanced device of “F” series. Equipped with a high-class electrochemical sensor, 2,4’’ TFT touch display, efficient li-ion (rechargeable) battery and memory of 10 000 measurements.

ALCOLIFE F5 pro is a professional “evidence” device which saves user’s data and personal data of a tested person including e.g. name and surname, PESEL number, vehicle number, etc.
Thanks to the possibility of connecting a printer and calibration* certificate, printouts from the printer may pose an evidence material in court cases.
ALCOLIFE F5 pro breathalyser has three measuring modes: fast with a mouthpiece, fast without a mouthpiece and normal “evidence”.

Fast measurement with a mouthpiece: with the use of a traditional mouthpiece, measurement 1 sec..
Fast measurement without a mouthpiece: with the use of a funnel mouthpiece, the test done by moving the breathalyser closer to the mouth.
Evidence measurement: with the use of a traditional mouthpiece, in the breath analyser the user’s data is typed, stored in the device memory.

Thanks to the use of high-class materials and technological solutions, ALCOLIFE F5 pro breathalyser is intended, most of all, for company use and for all these people for whom measurement accuracy, the rate and security are especially important.
A unique system of mouthpiece installation (rotating mouthpieces do not guarantee stability of attachment) and special protection of an inlet make it impossible to inhale the air from the breathalyser. It is an essential feature which prevents catching possible diseases by other employees.

Technical data

Sensor High-class European electrochemical sensor
Dimensions 144*70.5*31.5(MM)
Display LCD display: TFT 2,4’’ TFT QVGA display with touchpad
Energy use Flat battery warning
Energy supply 3.7V li-ion battery
Operating Touchpad, stylus or 3xKeys
Measurement accuracy Standard deviation +/–0.05‰BAC or +/–5 % measurement
Testing modes: With a mouthpiece approximately 5-6 seconds of continuous blowing;, without a mouthpiece approximately 2 seconds.
Ambient conditions from -10℃ to +40 ℃, for optimum operation
Measurement range from 0.0‰BAC to 4.0‰BAC
Weight 140g (net weight)

ALCOLIFE F5 pro is easy to use. Commands in Polish guarantee to do the test in a correct way. Thanks to the fast analysis of measurement ALCOLIFE F5 pro gives results in a very short time. The device enables testing unconscious people. It is a very useful function for people who have a problem with blowing the minimum amount of air.
A lot of functions and solutions used in the device make the breathalyser exceptionally professional. Its functionality is tested mainly in a building, production and transport sector.


01 Precise European sensor

02 Very easy to use

03 Touchsceen

04 Measurement without a mouthpiece

05 Measurement with a mouthpiece

06 Always calibrated

07 Short time of sampling

08 Comfortable mouthpieces

09 Ideal for companies

10 2-year warranty


The set includes:

ALCOLIFE F5 pro breathalyzer; Leather case; Instruction; Warranty card; Stylus; Reusable mouthpieces; Li-ion battery; Case for the breathalyser; Charger

Price: 290 Euro 





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