Quick control of employees – breathalyser for companies

Employers more and more decide to check sobriety of their employees. To ensure work security in the enterprise, it is necessary to invest in equipment of the highest quality which will guarantee a fully reliable readout.

The agreement for that type of test is not obligatory for employees due to their employment. If they do not agree for doing such a test by an employer or employer’s representatives, it must be done by entitled institutions such as the Police, the Customs Service or the Internal Security Agency. However, Railroads Guards and security companies are not entitled to do the sobriety test.


Package of advantages “ALCOLIFE in Your Company”

To ensure 100% guarantee of sobriety measurements which are done in the company, we have to supply ourselves with breathalysers of the highest quality. The range of this type of products can be found in our offer. Why is it worth making use of ALCOLIFE services?

To produce our breathalysers, we use a material of the highest quality, and modern electrochemical sensors used in them meet all essential standards.


Free calibration program

Calibration consists in resetting model data of the device. It is done on special devices called simulators. In short, in the process of calibration, the samples of constant alcohol concentration are given into the device working in a service mode. The effect of this is to determine a proper response of the measuring system to the size of concentration of taken model samples.

Why is the calibration important?
A device which does not undergo calibration at some moment stops indicating properly. The lack of calibration causes a risk of sensor damage.

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