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Why is calibration important?

Why is calibration important?
A device which does not undergo calibration at some moment stops indicating properly. The lack of calibration makes a risk of sensor damage.

On our market there are no measurement devices which do not require calibration. Even the police regularly calibrate their devices (more frequently than a common user because their devices are also used much more frequently).

Calibration is essential because a breathalyser is a measuring device and may be out of adjustment as a result of common or incorrect use. A breathalyser which is out of calibration will indicate incorrect measurements and the person who uses it may be misled and the consequences may be huge.

Rozkalibrowany alkomat będzie wskazywał nieprawidłowe pomiary i osoba która z niego korzysta może przez to zostać wprowadzona w błąd czego konsekwencje mogę być ogromne.

What does calibration consist in? Calibration consists in resetting model data of the device. It is done on special devices called simulators. In short, in the process of calibration the samples of given constant alcohol concentration are given to the device working in a service mode. The effect of this is to determine a correct response of the measuring system on the size of concentration of taken model samples.



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